Turkey's sacred dogs

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    I have no clue about the meaning of these "sacred dogs" in this line, is it related to some mythical figure or divinity? Thanks:

    He has no squeamish taste: he could almost

    Eat things alive, in little bits, like birds -

    Or lick the streets like Turkey's sacred dogs.

    Ah, dogs! that strikes another woeful note.

    Reference: W. H. Davies, "The Philosophical Beggar":
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    As far as I am aware, as Turkey is an Islamic state, no dogs are sacred in the literal sense. The author means

    Or lick the streets like the dogs in Turkey that are nothing but a nuisance and are everywhere but nobody kills them.

    The author is referencing India's sacred cows: in India cows are sacred and cannot be killed, Sacred cows are everywhere and cause a lot of nuisance but nobody does anything about them.
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    Turkey is known for having many feral cats and dogs roaming the streets. I don't believe they are sacred in the same sense as sacred cows. Maybe they just seem that way to the author. They are there. He doesn't like them. No-one wants to do anything about them.

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