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How would you say "turnabout"?
For example, I want to say "turnabout is fair play," meaning basically that when someone does something to you, it's only fair to do something to them in return.
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    There's a latin expresion, not very used but I like it a lot, with the same sense: "quid pro quo", one for another...

    Un saludo.


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    "Pagarle con la misma moneda" ó "Vengarse" (a pesar de que suene muy fuera de contexto se puede aplicar)

    También se me ocucrrió... "darle un poco de su propia medicina", la cual es vista es muchas peliculas.


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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if there is any verb which collocates with the noun "turnabout".
    E.g. "science made/took a complete turnabout" or something along those lines.

    Would any of those be correct? If not, how should you use that word?

    Thanks in advance.



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    I wouldn't use "turnabout" but rather "turnaround" in that context (if you're trying to say that science changed a lot or took a very different direction, especially if the change was an improvement).

    Edited to add: with "turnaround" the verb is usually "made" -- "After she was grounded, Mary made a quick turnaround and immediately corrected her behavior."


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    Thank you for your kind answer.
    I asked about "complete turnabout" because, while the Collins Dictionary suggests that word as a possible translation of "giro de 180 grados" or "giro radical", it doesn't give any verb which collocates with it.
    However, I'll rather take your suggestion and use "make a turnaround" instead.

    Thanks again.


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    Hi Aris!

    "the direction of scientific inquiry changed radically",

    "science began to direct its attention elsewhere",

    "research efforts began to be directed elsewhere",

    "research took off in an altogether different direction".

    Its a very wide question if you don't tie things down a bit....



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    Hi there Syd!

    A scientific inquiry was actually the heart of the matter. I don't know why I didn't mention this from the beginning instead of just writing "science" :eek:.

    Thanks once again for all your excellent suggestions.

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