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I have read this:

She was the daughter of Reverend G.L. Franklin, a well-known preacher in the States, who toured churches throughout the country with his helpers and singers. Aretha was part of his choir, although she was only fourteen years old. ... Aretha then entered the recording world, cutting her first disc when she was sixteen.

Then I wonder can we say that her age became professional is 14?
(professional is defiined by some dictionaries as to work for something and be paid. And I also wonder, are church activities always paid by certain religious organzations, or somtimes by volunteering, in USA ? )
Because that's the answer provided in one of the exercises following it.

I even doubt whether the 'age became professional' is sound English or not. And I don't know whether this exercise is made by a English-speaker or some English-learner-and-teacher.
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    Hello Rabbit. It sounds to me like the exercise was written by someone whose first language was definitely not English:(
    her age became professional is not good English ~ in fact it's meaningless.

    the age (at which) she became professional
    or, as you say in your title
    the age (at which) she turned professional
    are meaningful English.

    I can't answer your question about church activities in the USA, but I can tell you that professional means 'paid' universally in English, and contrasts with amateur:)
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