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The quotation comes Harvard Endowment Reports ‘Disappointing’ 8.1 Percent Return

The report, which covered the fiscal year that ended June 30, did not provide data on how each asset class in the portfolio had performed, as Harvard has done in the past. Mr. Narvekar’s statement said only that returns from public equity, private equity and direct real estate investments had been strong, while natural resources had had a “challenging” year.

The endowment has experienced turnover in recent years. After the 2005 departure of Jack Meyer, who had served as chief executive for 15 years, Jane Mendillo took over. She was succeeded by Stephen Blyth.
Hi everyone! Does "turnover" mean " the amount of business done in a given time"?
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    Usually, yes. But here it seems from the context that the reference is to "staff turnover". Clumsy writing to use a term like that in a context where the other usage would be expected!


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    In my U.S. business experience, the main meaning of "turnover" is staff turnover, and any other meaning is less common. I believe the British use "turnover" where Americans usually refer to revenue.
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