turpentine or petroleum solvent

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Cub Pilot

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Source: "Oil Pastel" by K.Leslie, the text as follows:

She found it to be equallly marvellous with oil pastel, Liquin comes as thick as
duck sauce, thins with turpentine or petroleum solvent, and driestacky in about an hour.

I think solvent to be misused in this context, since turpentine and petroleum are solvents themselves/ on their part.
So, in my opinion it has to read ...thins with turpentine and petroleum as solvents, ...

Any help much appreciated:)
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  • owlman5

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    I think Leslie is trying to make it clear that you can use either turpentine or petroleum solvent, Cub Pilot.


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    No, the correct phrase is "petroleum solvents" meaning "petroleum-based solvent." We wouldn't use petroleum per se as a solvent.


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    As an English sentence I think it actually means "thins using turpentine or petroleum as the solvent", but is intended to mean "thins with either turpentine or a petroleum-derived solvent", or Florentia's "petroleum-based solvent". Referring to it as "petroleum solvent" seems somewhat perverse.
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