tutoring students individually or tutoring students in math ... individually


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I have made up two sentences below.

(1) John really enjoys tutoring students individually in math, physics and chemistry.

(2) John really enjoys tutoring students in math, physics and chemistry individually.

Some of my friends and I think that they both mean the same thing. However, my other friends think that (1) suggests John tutors students one-on-one in all three subjects. (2) means he tutors each group of students in only one subject.

Please give me your opinions. Thanks.
  • owlman5

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    I can see why those other friends believe that. It is much clearer to place "individually" close to "tutoring" so the reader can easily understand what you mean.

    It is certainly possible, perhaps probable, that 1 and 2 have the same meaning. However, placing "individually" at the end of the second sentence is confusing, and it could mean that he wanted to teach only one subject at a time.
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