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Hello everyone!
ho bisogno di aiuto con questa frase:
"nella società contemporanea dove tutto e tutti subiscono l'impatto delle tendenze globali, essi rappresentano un paradigma".

Quel tutto e tutti può essere tradotto come everything and everyone oppure come nothing and no one?

"in contemporary society where everything and everyone is unaffected by global tendencies, they represent a transcultural paradigm"
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    Eco-sustainable Narratives in World Literatures in English, Languages and Education ed. by Antonella Riem Natale & Stefano Mercanti

    In contemporary society where nothing and no one is unaffected by global trends they represent a transcultural paradigm, crossing and recrossing cultural borders. When we talk of econarratives we are looking at a broad range of texts with political, pastoral or romantic notions of what is ecologically relevant. Basically we are looking at three different aspects: Culture, Nature, and Development. An ecocritical reading uses literature to effect an awareness raising of our attitudes to the environment, and an identification with nature.


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    There is a translation online: La parola aperta di Predrag Matvejević - ALL