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This comes from a 1st World War diary. Tuyaux is obviously slang here, does it mean guns, artillery?
Merci d'avance!
Au loin la bataille de Verdun gronde.
Est-ce la grande offensive Allemande dont tous les “tuyaux” nous rabattent les oreilles ?
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    No here "tuyau" is slang for "communication channel".

    We have the associated verb "tuyauter" : To give someone an unofficial information.

    "Je l'ai tuyauté sur le bon endroit pour trouver des cèpes"
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    It can also be the unofficial information itself.
    Very common for example with racegoers/punters :

    "J'ai un bon tuyau pour la cinquième" meaning

    "I have an unofficial information which horse could win race # 5"

    How would you put this one in colloquial English ?


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    Wistou is right in all the meanings he gave about "tuyaux".
    But the thing is that probably, in this WW1 text, the word was quite knew and a wee bit different from its more modern meaning.
    "Rumours" (bh7) or "what is in the air" may be more like it. Note that it is "les tuyaux". Nowadays usage would more likely be singular ...
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