TV time for paintig blue Us?!

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Hi! I'm stuck on this one. Could anyone help me out, please? I have to translate it to portuguese but I don't understando its meaning...

"For a lot of guys, college was the oasis in the desert of boredom - it was the time when they found beer, found women, and found that they could play at 3 a.m., wake up at noon, and get TV time for painting blue Us on their chests."

What is this?!?!?

  • cuchuflete

    Senior Member
    Olá Morgadinha,
    I'm as stumped as you are. Can you give us a little more context? Could this be a reference to a college, perhaps one with blue as the school color? Could US stand for University of S___________?

    Here is a wild guess: They paint the school name on their chests, and are shown on television at a sports event, such as a football game.

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    They painted the letter U in blue paint on their bare chests, so that during the boring parts of the football game, the TV cameramen would tape them (give them TV time - the opportunity for their friends to see them on TV).

    I'm assuming that U is for university, and blue is a generic university sort of color. A real student would choose letters, symbols, and colors appropriate to his own school.

    Ah, here's an example.
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