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tweet (noun, verb)

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Noun: A brief message posted on
Verb: The act of posting such a message.

Example: (An example of the term in use)

Noun: Until this year, Twitter had little revenue, let alone profit. But the company attracted millions of users to its free service, which lets [users] post and read 140-character messages, known as tweets.

Verb: At 6:12, she tweeted: "Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool."

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    I have also read, and used, "tweet" as a verb. Sometimes twitterers send direct messages to other people who follow them to say thanks. "Thanks for the follow and nice to Tweet you" is a common greeting in the Twitterers slang.


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    I think there's another use of the verb:

    - I read the news of Mike's wedding this morning on Twitter.
    - I don't tweet.

    Here, "tweet" means "to use Twitter".