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piraña utria

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Good morning, friends,

I’d really appreciate if any of you cold help me out with this word, “twirler”, in this particular context.

I’ve run into it while reading The Brass Verdict, by Michael Connelly (page 309):

Bosch started eating again, keeping his head down as he worked on the steak. He took several bites and then moved to the side plate of spaghetti. He wasn’t a twirler.

What does “twirler” mean? By the way, all the events of this book take place part in Los Angeles, if useful.

Thanks for your comments,
  • Loob

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    Does the text go on to describe how he ate the spaghetti?

    I'm assuming - I may well be wrong! - that it means he didn't eat the spaghetti by twirling his fork; perhaps he cut it into small chunks;).
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