two chai


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Hello. I would like to know how to say in Japanese two chai.

chai = (uncount.) a type of Indian tea, made especially by boiling tea leaves with milk, sugar and spices

My try:

2チェイ /ni'ʧe.i/

Is it possible to write the number 2 in letters and pronounce it the same /ni'ʧe.i/ = nichei ?

Thank you:)
  • gengo

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    two chai.


    First, チェイ is pronounced chei (rhymes with "clay"), and chai is written as チャイ.
    Second, in Japanese we generally can't count things the same way we do in English, that is {number + noun}. The number more often comes after the noun in Japanese, although not always.

    男が二人いた = there were two men
    用紙が2枚あった = there were two sheets of paper
    二つのピザを食べた = he ate two pizzas

    When the number does precede the noun, it is generally used with a counter.


    チャイ2杯 chai ni hai

    Or, depending on the context, チャイを2杯.