two days stranded

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The Lord of Gluttony

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I have come across this word "stranded". Although I looked it up in WR dictionary, I couldn't understand its meaning :(

Spending two days stranded in European airports and flying with the Spanish airlines makes me an expert on Europe and its affairs.

I thought it could be the second meaning in WR dictionary. But, it still does not make any sense to me:
2. an element that forms part of a complex whole.

The sentence would give the same meaning without stranded, does it not? Or, does the author mean these two days are not one after another. Instead, these two days are consist of two different days in his holiday. Like, say, on 2nd of November and 8th of November he's spent his time in airports. So, that makes 2 days as total. Therefore, he says, two days stranded. If he had spent 2nd and 3rd of November in airports (in which the days follow one another), he wouldn't have been able to say, two days stranded. Am I right?

Many thanks.
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