two games to one lead

Baba Ryba

Hi guys,
I'm translating a film about baseball.
At one point a radio announcer says:

"Cleveland wins it. One to nothing. And the Indians have beaten the Chicago Cubs. One to nothing in a brilliant ballgame here at Wrigley Field, and the Indians have now taken a two games to one lead in the World Series. "

What does it mean that the Indians have taken 2 games to one lead?
That they won two games and lost one - and they are leaders in the baseball tournament?
  • entangledbank

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    They have taken the lead. They are now in the leading place; they are in the lead. What is their lead? How far ahead are they? They are ahead by two games to one (won two, lost one). So they have a two games to one lead: they have a lead of two games to one.


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    The first team to win four games is the overall winner. So they are halfway there.
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