two hour fire rated

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  1. Milja. Senior Member

    Isernia, Italy
    Tra i requisiti di cablaggio di un sistema antincendio bisogna fornire:

    "two (2) hour fire rated, mineral insulated, copper​
    sheathed, copper conductors or other approved fire feeder provisions"

    !..............isolamento minerale, rivestimento in rame, conduttori in rame o altri alimentatori antincendio apptovati"

    Non riesco a capire proprio la prima parte.....
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  2. baldpate

    baldpate Senior Member

    UK, English
    It means it will last two hours in case of fire.
  3. csleeper New Member

    How would you say this in Italian?
  4. lightning223

    lightning223 Senior Member

    "resistenza al fuoco di 2 ore".
    Buona giornata
  5. MR1492

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    English -USA
    I just thought I'd provide Milja a little more information in preparing his translation. Technically, the phrase means that the material will withstand a given test for two hours ( For the general public, I'd say the simpler explanation is correct. However, it appears Milja is quoting from a more technical document. The link above may provide some additional information.


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