two parts to/of the spacecraft

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Hi all members,

Below's quoted from one of the BBC 6 Minute English programmes called Day Trip with a Difference.

A: ... Now there was also mention of another distance, 50,000 feet, what was that?
B:: Well there are two parts to the spacecraft. There is an aircraft, which is what was revealed, ...

It seems that my dictionary doesn't help. Please tell me why the speaker used 'to' but not 'of' here. Thank you!
  • rhitagawr

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    It means the spacecraft consists of two parts. Cf. There are two sides to this question. Of would imply that there are more than two parts and you are considering only two parts.
    What's on the table? Two parts of the spacecraft. The other parts are in the yard.
    The spacecraft crashed and the investigators found two parts of the spacecraft
    . They couldn't find the other parts.
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