Two-pronged strategy

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What exactly is a two-prong strategy? Does that mean there are two strategies - one as a backup strategy?
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    Generally it refers to a bifurcated strategy: like two tines of a pitchfork. The two parts are employed simultaneously or nearly so, in tandem.

    If we were talking about a strategy in a battle, you would attack the enemy on two sides or from two sides.

    What's the context?
    Suppose a police department in a town believed that it could achieve the maximum effect by concentrating on two particular problems: the rowdy, drunken youths who congregated in the town park in the evening, and automobile break-ins that happened in the parking lot of the town shopping center. The way the resources were assigned, personnel were deployed, and other public and private agencies were brought in to address these two problems, would all be part of the two-pronged strategy the police were creating.
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