Two-storey building or two floor building


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Dear all,

Please let me know what the most accurate form is.

There are some two-storey buildings in our school.


There are some two-floor buildings in our school.

  • kool-wind

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    British English
    One might also note the different spellings for the plural of storey.
    Both stories and storeys exist in English.
    I prefer storeys to avoid confusion with the plural of story.


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    English (UK then US)
    One might note the different ways of counting storeys in US, England, and Europe.
    I think the way the stor(e)ys are counted is the same, just the way they are named is different.
    A two-story building has a first floor (at ground level) and a second floor in the US.
    A two-storey building has a ground floor (at ground level) and a first floor in the UK.