Twra pou vriskesai diladi...? Egw piga gia ligw germania alla den adexa..Twra mainoun oi goneis mou sti Bremi k o aderfos mou sto monaxo. Euxaristw gia ta kala sou logia.. Egw sto treksimo logo douleias.. Esu pws pernas ti mera sou?

Discussion in 'Ελληνικά (Greek)' started by dfames5, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. dfames5 New Member

    English - UK
    Can anyone help me translate this into English?
  2. JK_900 Member

    So where are you at right now? I went to Germany but couldn't stand it. Now my parents are staying at Bremen and my brother in Monaco. Thanks for your kind words. I'm always running because of my job. How do you spend your day?
  3. dfames5 New Member

    English - UK
    Thank you so much - I've just gotten in touch with an old friend from Greece who doesn't speak much English. I'm fluent in German and Italian and also speak some Norwegian, but Greek is Chinese to me.
  4. Kevman Senior Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    USA English
    Just a note: "monaxo" is Greek for München.
    Monaco would be 'monako,' barring typos.
  5. dfames5 New Member

    English - UK
    Perhaps this will explain why I'm so intent upon knowing what she's saying...

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