type "×" on/using a keyboard

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    If you were asking how to 'compose' a character that is not on a keyboard, then either on or using would be correct.

    I do not have a © key on my keyboard. It would therefore make sense to ask:
    "How do you make/compose a © on a keyboard"?​
    My preference would be on.
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    Actually, mathematical operators have their own codes, depending upon the character set invoked.
    We can get away with plus, minus and times with normal alpha characters, however, but the other glyphs exist.
    See:HTML ISO-8859-1 Reference

    I would not use "type," however.
    I'd use "compose" as suggested above, since it's usually a multi-key sequence.


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    I wouldn't use "type" either, but my preference is "enter": "How do you enter the multiplication symbol [or multiplication sign, or times sign] from the keyboard?"
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