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русский (Russian)
I've been using SC Unipad tool and I like it more and more after discovering more features. I thought I 'd share with you since you can type in the word processor and paste into the forum in any Slavic languages and more (I used it for Arabic but there are a couple of little problems with it, which can be overcome).

To type, you can just see keyboard map (most basic characters) or character map (more characters).

To download:
http://www.sharmahd.com or


You can even create your own keyboards, layouts etc. (You don't have to install neew keyboards on your Windows system.).

For Japanese and Chinese it's not really suitable, unless you just want to type in Kana, there are other good tools for these languages.
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    polszczyzna warszawska
    I've just tried SC Unipad for Russian keyboard and it saved me a lot of time, thank you for the links Anatoli, they are very utile. :)
    Could they be placed in the Resources thread?