type/tap noisily on the keyboard

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Hello guys, I was wondering which of the two verbs sound more natural in the following sentence:
"John typed/tapped noisily on the keyboard for another food five minutes"
  • sdgraham

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    'type' and 'tap' do not mean the same thing.

    Typing involves pressing specific keys.

    Sometimes I invert my keyboard and tap on it to eject matter that might have fallen in the cracks. That doesn't mean I'm typing.

    Neither would I "tap" on individual keys, although common usage has become misleading in the computer world, i.e. "hit Esc to continue." Obviously, "hitting" keys is not literal here.
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    london calling

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    Food five minutes? :confused:

    I agree with sdg. I also prefer type, as you are obviously talking about a real keyboard and not a touchscreen keyboard (I certainly do not type e-mails or messages on my smartphone's keyboard: I tap the various keys/icons, whatever).


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    "Tapping noisily on the keyboard" sounds like he is drumming his fingers on the edge of the keyboard while thinking about what to type.
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