typical male remark / typically male remark


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Which one is more correct?

1. He made a typical male patronizing remark to her.

2. He made a typically male patronizing remark to her.

Are they both grammatically acceptable? If so, is there one of them that could be considered better than the other from a stylistic point of view?
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    Typical is an adjective modifying the noun male and typically is an adverb and should modify the adjective patronizing. Hence: He made a typically patronizing male remark is a good sentence.


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    1. He made a typical, male, patronizing remark to her.:tick:

    In order to use typically, you could say:

    The remark he made to her is a type of remark typically made by men.

    A remark like that is typically said by a man.

    Typically .. . must be describing a verb.
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