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This lady married an old man fifteen years ago and got all his property by cheating, and finally divorced him.

About four years ago, she cheated another young, gullible youth by dangling her voluptuos body.

She is now flirting with another middle aged person.

She characteristically cheats people by throwing her beauty as a bait, and thus amasses wealth.

Please help me to use the correct word for what is in bold letters (if it is not correct)?
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    To be honest, I'm not sure that "characteristically" is the correct word here. "Characteristically" pertains to the character of a person and it just doesn't work for me in this sentence. You've got her character trait as "cheating people by..." That's not a character trait. Being a cheater is a character trait but not "cheating people by throwing her beauty...".

    I would agree with Setwale that "typically" works much better here.
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