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I noticed how easily you all type in Japanese. Is it because you have special Keyboards, or am I missing out on something? I dont plan on typing in Japanese any time soon, Im still trying to memorise my letters.
What set of letters would you guys recomend I memorise first?
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    You just add japanese language to windows (explained here). Then you should type as usual:

    typing "shitumonn" will be seen like this:
    1) s
    2) sh
    4) しt
    5) しt
    6) しつ
    7) しつm
    8) しつも
    9) しつもn
    10) しつもん
    11a) しつもん (after pressing enter)
    11b) 質問 (after pressing space)
    12b) 質問 (and then enter)

    If you then press space, it'll turn it into the more likely kanji combination for such kanas. If you press space again, a list pops up where you can choose the kanji you're looking for. If instead of pressing space, you press enter, you'd leave it up in kana.
    The underline means that you haven't actually entered the text. It remains underlined until you decide that what you see is what you intend to write (by pressing enter) or erase it all (by pressing esc).

    So, you need no special skills to type in Japanese. There's also a Japanese layout, and you can set windows to that too. But is hard to use without a Japanese Keyboard (not because the hardware can't, but because the keys don't have the kanas labeled on them).

    To do so, you just click on the little "kana" button at the language bar when in Japanese and hiragana mode (when it shows an あ instead of an A).


    English and Canada
    Alright thanks.
    By the way, most of the letters you typed show up as a ?, which I need the program to let me see them... right?
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