Typing Macrons Using Alt Codes

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  1. I am not sure which operating system my Mac runs on, but I cannot find the alt codes for macrons.

    Suggestions on where to search for these codes, or the alt codes themselves would be greatly appreciated.

    I reckon this may be a redundant post. Forgive me, as I'm a novice. Advice and corrections welcome.


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    For many years now, this is how I have typed macrons on Macs:

    1) First off, you need to be in the correct input mode for your
    keyboard. Open up System preferences in the apple-shaped menu.

    2) Select "Language and Text" under the U.N. flag.

    2) Now, if it is not already selected, select the "Input Sources" tab.
    A box will be revealed with a bunch of flags.
    Here's a picture:

    3) Scroll down the list of flags till you get to U.S. with a United States
    flag. Here's a picture:

    4) Put a check in the box next to "U. S. Extended." This allows you to
    type a wider set of characters than the normal "U. S." Keyboard.

    5) Also tick the box next to "Show input menu in menu bar." (This allows you to
    quickly change your keyboard input mode with a drop-down menu in your menu bar
    at the top of the screen.)

    6) Close system preferences.

    7) Go up to the "input menu" which you have now made visible in your
    menu bar on the upper right of your screen. There should now be
    a little flag there. When you click it it will give you choices about what
    sort of input you want. Select "U. S. Extended," which has a little black
    and white "U" hanging off the bottom right of flag.

    8) Now you can type macrons. Hold down the option key (or alt key
    on PC keyboards) while typing 'a'.
    Then type the vowel you want to have a macron over it.

    The vowel will now magically appear with a macron over it.

    And, by the way, as far as I know, you can just stay in the "U. S. Extended"
    input mode all the time. It types U.S. English perfectly well but merely
    adds extra things like macrons.
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