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Urdu - Pakistan
A guy is fired from his job. He comes back the next day and one of his former coworkers says, "What are you doing here?"
He replies, "I just came to say good-bye to the gals in the typing pool."
What does "typing pool" mean?
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    Secretarial pool

    A secretarial pool or typing pool is a group of secretaries working at a company available to assist any executive without a permanently assigned secretary. These groups have been reduced or eliminated where executives have been assigned responsibility for writing their own letters and other secretarial work........


    Keith Bradford

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    It's a group of typists employed by a company, who all type whatever documents are needed by all the staff in the company. (In other words, a boss doesn't have a specific typist.)

    (This term does exist in the WR Dictionary, but it's hard to track down and not fully explained.)

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