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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by blackthorn75it, Jul 11, 2008.

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    I’m currently translating my CV in German in order to apply for some positions in Germany as well as in Switzerland and I am not sure how to translate “Typing speed 55 wpm” (wpm= Words Per Minute). My first version was “Maschinenschreiben 52 Wörter pro Minute” but I was told that Maschinenschreiben sounds archaic and refers only to typing machines whereas I am looking for a term that rather refers to typing speed on computer keyboards. Do you guys have any suggestion? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Robocop Senior Member

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    I only know the expression "x Anschläge pro Minute" (corresponding to x keystrokes per minute).
    By the way, if you indicate typing speed in words per minute, which words do you refer to?
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    Hi Robocop,

    I indicate my typing speed in words per minute (wpm) since that is the only rating being used to assess a typing speed that I’ve seen so far at least in English speaking countries and in Italy (in job ads and specific websites teaching 10-finger-system typing where all exercises results are expressed in wpm), and it doesn’t refer to any specific word category. To be honest I haven’t seen any other terms so far. I just saw that “Anschläge pro Minute“ is quite used in Germany by clicking it in yahoo.de and I read in a forum that 392 keys per minute equals 78 words per minute approximately…well I should probably do a test on a German site to see how my rating is in “keystrokes per minute”, which come to think of it, should be more accurate than wpm…so in that case should I just write “X Anschläge pro Minute” in my CV or should I mention also Tastaturschreiben or something else before it? Thanks for your help Robocop!!!
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    All you need to do is multiply your 55 by 5. That's the definition of word length at least in the U.S. publishing business. (To correctly give the word count for your manuscript you need to count the characters, without spaces, and divide by 5.)

    And your example fits: 392 / 78 = 5.025....
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    Thanks Suilan, I appreciate...

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