typing with hammers

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What is "typing with hammers", please?

I swallowed, taking a moment to answer. The words were clumsy in my mouth, like typing with hammers. “I’m glad you did.”

from "Afterworls" by Scott Westerfeld

I want to know who's typing so hard that they're smashing their keyboards into bits? Why aren't you typing with hammers like the rest of us? Clearly, there's something wrong with you.

from web http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-514692.html
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    Two completely different contexts.

    1. 'Clumsy' - how can you type accurately with a hammer? There's no context to explain why he is finding it difficult to say “I’m glad you did.”, but he is.
    2. It's supposed to be a joke. The previous post is about people typing hard enough to break keyboards. This post is saying "why not be normal and break your keyboard with a hammer?" Ho, ho, ho.


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    In your second example, from straightdope.com, people in the thread are joking about why a keyboard might break.

    The first example is different. It compares how awkward the person feels when speaking with how awkward it would be to type with hammers.

    Although they both use the same words, they don't mean the same thing. "Typing with hammers" is not a fixed phrase with its own meaning.

    Cross-posted with Andygc. :)
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