typo vs typing error

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My daughter asked me what's the difference between "typo" and "typing error". I told her that basically they are the same. I doubt from her reaction she agrees with me.

I have checked in the dictionaries and it seems my reply is OK.

  • Glenfarclas

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    I suppose in theory that there are typing errors you could make that wouldn't be typos. Typing past the right edge of the paper (on a typewriter) would be a kind of typing error, but we wouldn't call it a typo. But for at least 99% of cases, they are the same thing.


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    Typo is a clipping of typographical: in other words, it is associated with typography (arranging the type), not necessarily with typing. I agree, however, that these days, there isn't a lot of difference between them.


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    I agree with the others. No real difference for me. You could explain to her, very nicely, "Honey, it's called a 'keyboarding error' nowadays". :D


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    I consider them interchangeable in meaning, but I regard 'typo' as less formal. There are contexts in which I would only use 'typing error'. Perhaps that's the kind of difference your daughter has in mind.
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