uilleann piper, tin-whistler, bodhran


Hi everybody!

I´m reading an article about "Flook" an Irish music group and I don`t know the meaning in spanish of these instruments. I have some clues but not the precise meaning:

- uillean piper: I think that is a type of flute, but I`m not sure if the spanish name of this is "flauta dulce"
- tin-whistler: This is a type of pipe
- bodhran: a type of drum

Has anybody any idea about these?

  • frida-nc

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    Lo que he visto:
    Uilleann pipes = gaita irlandés, gaita uilleann
    Tin whistle = silbato irlandés
    Bodhran = tambor irlandés, tambor bodhran, o simplemente bodhran

    Nota que cuando termina en r (piper, whistler) se refiere al músico, no al instrumento.