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  1. frenchaudrey Senior Member

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    I'm translating a text about an incapacity allowance and the word "uitgevallen met klachten ..." is written very often. I can't manage to understand what this means precisely. Could you help me with that ?

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day :)
  2. Suehil

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    'Dropped out' - stopped working because of physical complaints. 'En arrêt maladie.' :)
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    I quite agree. I am inclined to think that it first referred to machines coming to a standstill, not working any longer, fro reasons beyond our control, for no clear reason [as is suggested by the 'vallen']...
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  4. frenchaudrey Senior Member

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    Dankjewel. That was what I think so now I'm sure. Wish you a good day

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