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I saw a similar survey on another forum and I'm starting a different one on this forum, one that's specifically for people in the United Kingdom, though people not from the United Kingdom can also participate.

What word do you use for the following?
The thing on wheels that's used in stores to put items in:
The plural of "you":
The thing that you might rest on in the living room:

Do you pronounce the following words the same or differently:

mass, pass (are the a's the same?)
bad, lad (are the a's the same?)
tenor, tenner
tied, tide
days, daze
allowed, aloud
hip, hit
doll, dole
fur, fair
pane, pain
wait, weight
toe, tow
wrap, rap
sole, soul
aunt, ant
horse, hoarse
pour, poor
soot, suit
sure, shore
loot, lute
your, yore
rood, rude
you, yew
not, knot
taut, taught
meet, meat
loch, lock

Other questions:
Does "whilst" sound archaic to you?
Would you ever use "amn't I"?
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    Welcome to the forums, Kookland,
    Please start again, with a single question per thread.

    To avoid copyright entanglements with other sites, please provide a link to the sight where you saw the homophones, and phrase your question so that it does not infringe on material published elsewhere.

    These are discussion forums, and not a good venue for research. Lists which request a 'yes or no' reply are not appropriate here.

    Also, please give a more specific thread title for each query.

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