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the UK
initialism (United Kingdom)Vereinigtes Königreich En
How long have you lived in the UK?

Sentence translation: Wie lange leben Sie schon im Vereinigten Königreich? (formal speech)

I would argue that "UK" is sometimes used as an abbreviation of "Vereinigtes Königreich" in the more contemporary, English-influenced German spoken by younger people, but it remains less common than the latter from what I can tell. Perhaps it's worth looking into.
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    UK is very seldom in German, even more seldom than "Vereinigtes Königreich". Even in the news you rarely hear it, let alone in a private talk. The sentence translation sounds utterly stilted. We normally say "Großbritannien" even though this is not 100% correct in some contexts.


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    I agree with Frank and would even go a little further and say that many people here in Germany still simply refer to the "UK" as "England", which of course is the wrong term. That's why I would not include it here. I believe that we do have an educational task and don't want to spread wrong information. But of course "Großbritannien" is missing here. I will add it now. Thanks.