Ukrainian: Копнякова демократія


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While I do understand the meaning (the state institutions don't work as they should until civil society groups heavily apply pressure (aka kick a government in the ass) so that the state finally works as intended), I don't see how can one idiomatically translate it while retaining the "kicking" aspect in it.

Straightforward translation like "democracy through kicks" or "democracy by kicking" sounds butcheringly ugly.

The closest I can think of is "grassroots democracy" but this one is already taken by "демократія знизу"/"низова демократія".

Your suggestions?
  • jasio

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    To what language are you trying to translate the phrase and what is the intended context?

    My first thought would be "kick-in-the-ass democracy", albeit it does not specify who kicks whom.

    However, whatever we may come up, it should be easily understandable to the English audience. So perhaps the best solution would be to ask the question in the English-only forum (if you're indeed translating to English), as there you may find the largest population of native English speakers.