Ukrainian: блювати


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I'd be interested in knowing cognate words in Russian or Polish of the Ukrainian verb блювати (‎‎bl'uváty) 'to vomit'.
  • Cf. Russian блевать, all from Old Russian бльвати (id.).

    Thanks! Following etymological information for the Russian verb I could ascertain that old-Polish had a corresponding verb bluć , now obsolete. Modern Polish has as a cognate bluźnić 'to curse, to swear, to blaspheme'. This fully answers my question.
    The infinitive bluć, although now obsolete, is relatively new.

    The original form is blwać : bluję, blujesz, ..., blują, bluj, ...
    The corresponding Old Czech verb is bľvati : bľuju, bľuješ, ..., bľujú, bľuj, ..., after umlaut u > i (and palatal ľ > middle l) bliji, bliješ, ..., blijí, blij, ...; nowadays with a new infinitive blíti, formed analogically to bíti (biji, biješ, ... = to beat).

    Related to Lith. bliūti, bliauti = блеять, мычать, ...;

    A similar Pansalvic verb (b replaced with p):
    Rus. пльвати > плевать, Pol. plwać > pluć, Cz. pľvati > plivati (plivu) and plíti (pľuju > pliji), ... = to spit;
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