Ukrainian: зашкруміле, мерехке...


[...]або на обід - підсмажене курча, таке, як ото в телерекламах: золотаво зашкруміле, мерехке од спілих соків.

Не розумію підкреслених слів. Я розумію про що ідеться, але окремих слів на жаль не знаю :( Чи хтось міг би мені допомогти?
Буду дуже вдячна :)
  • Crescent

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    Здравствуйте, Marijka! :)
    I'm afraid I'm not at all too sure on 2 of the words you've underlined (sorry :() and I won't try guessing them, since my last attempts at helping someone with Ukrainian with something I wasn't entirely sure on came out unsuccessful (to say the least :p)
    But I can tell you that I believe спiлих сокiв means ripe juices.
    From what I gather, the sentence is saying that today, for lunch, there will be chicken, which is just like they show on TV in adverts: golden (crusted? perhaps?), and...something :)( sorry) from ripe juices.
    That's a far as my pityful knowledge of what is supposed to be my mother tongue goes.. :p:eek:
    P.S. I am so dreadfully sorry if I'm wrong!


    Crescent, thanks anyway ;) I can imagine the picture of this chicken :) and I can guess the meaning of underlined words, but I've never heard them before. I just wanted to know their meaning and use them from time to time maybe ;)
    Oh, and don't be sorry :)


    Hi, Marijka!I think Crescent is right. "Зашкрумілий" can be translated as "crusted", "спілий" as "ripe". And the word "мерехкий" means "twinkly,glittering".