Ukrainian: Conjugation: няти ‎and яти?


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I'm assuming/hoping they're identical. Can anyone tell me how they would conjugate? What's the imperative? Is there a perfective form?

Thanks in advance.
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    I'm familiar with the verb взяти (to take) which is formed with a common prefix вз- and the root я (also present in няти and яти).

    The conjugation is я візьму, ти візьмеш etc. Imperative is візьми!

    This is the perfective form. The imperfective pair of this verb is брати.

    (If you know any Russian, all these forms are parallel to взять, я возьму, ты возьмёшь, возьми!; брать)


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    Could you please explain what is the question?

    With some examples, please.

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