Ukrainian: Family name "Dysarz"

Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by Jabir, May 16, 2014.

  1. Jabir

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    I have family name Dysarz and I heard it comes from Ukraine. However, google points its a Polish name.

    Does anyone knows if familiar or same name also exist in Ukraine? Is it common to Ukrainian and Polish people (specially near border) share same last name?

    (Sorry, but I don't know cyrilic/ukrainian spelling for it!)

  2. marco_2 Senior Member

    The spelling and sound of this particular name is definitely Polish (although its origin is probably not Slavic at all), but it is quite common that on Polish-Ukrainian borderland people share similar surnames.
  3. oveka Senior Member

    Ukraine, Ukrainian
    Дисар, Дисарь, Дисарук - набралось більше півсотні осіб по Україні. Багато в Рокитному Київської області.

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