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  1. Selyd Senior Member

    What word is put in conformity to English render, rendering.
    The speech goes about the program Blender 2.65.
    The program creates object.
    Action - render
    Process - rendering
    Result - rendering

    In Russian:
    Action - прорисовывать
    Process - прорисовывание
    Result - прорисовка

    In Ukrainian: Action - промальовувати??
    Process - промальовування??
    Result - промальовка??
    Але це жах!!
  2. Selyd Senior Member

    That I have found:
    Білоруська: рэндэрынг
    Македонська: рендерирање
    Російська: рендеринг
    Сербська: рендеринг
    Can in parallel there are also words?
  3. VelikiMag Senior Member

    Serbian - Montenegro
    In Serbian it should be:
    action - рендеровати
    process - рендеровање
    Unless they came up with more appropriate translation, but I doubt people would understand it better than this.
  4. Vanja Senior Member

    There were translations like: рендеровање- техника реалистичког приказивања рачунарских/компјутерских модела, реалистичко моделовање
    But was simpler to say just "render" in computer jargon and terms.
  5. pasvian New Member

    Ukrainian, Russian
    Маю зауважити, що в українській є слово рисунок, який стосується технічного "малювання". Тому, певно, можна прорисовувати.

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