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    I know someone from the Ukraine who took a vacation with her daughter to the Sahara desert and they have a nice picture of them riding a camel and it appears as though the camel is actually smiling. :)

    Here is what I would like to write in Ukrainian about this picture:

    The camel is smiling too because he is so happy to be with two beautiful women.

    Here is my attempt at writing this in Ukrainian:

    Верблюд теж посміхаючись, тому що він такий щасливий, що з двома красивими жінками.

    Any corrections or suggestions for writing this better will be much appreciated.

    дякую! :)
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    "посміхаючись" is a participle. You need in a verb.
    "Що" after the comma doesn't work in this sentence, too.
    For example:
    Верблюд теж посміхається, тому що він такий/дуже щасливий бути з двома красивими жінками.
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