Ukrainian: Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality

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  1. mllen New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be getting a tattoo for my Ukrainian father who passed away, it's going to say "unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality" but I would like it written in Ukrainian. The two translations I have are "любов не може померти, адже вона безсмертна" and "кохання не може померти адже воно бесмертне" I was wondering if anyone could tell me which of the two are right, or provide an even better translation for me. Thanks :)
  2. Selyd Senior Member

    Це стосується любки чи любчика:
    "кохання не може померти адже воно бесмертне".
    Оскільки це стосується батька, то:
    любов не може померти, адже вона безсмертна".
    А можна так:
    "Любов не вмре, вона назавжди зі мною". /The love will not die, she for ever with me./
  3. swintok Senior Member

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    I like Selyd's suggestions, but Dickinson's poem refers to a person. "Unable are the loved to die" means that people who are loved cannot die because love is immortal. A more faithful translation of Dickinson's poem would be something to the effect of:

    Улюблені не вмирають (не можуть умерти), бо сама любов безсмертна.

    I'm not a poet in either English or Ukrainian, so there is likely a more poetic way to express this.
  4. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Here's a Russian translation, apparently by Yakov Fel'dman, but it seems so loose that I can barely recognize the English original.
  5. Selyd Senior Member

    Любленим не йде помирати, бо любов несмертна.
  6. swintok Senior Member

    English - Canada
    Ото ж мені дуже подобається, Selyd.
  7. Selyd Senior Member

    swintok'че, тішуся.

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