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A group of friends is trying to send a few shoeboxes with presents for a group of students in Eastern Ukraine. I'd like to include a note in mine, but I know absolutely no Ukrainian at all (so can't offer an attempt, unfortunately). Could anyone tell me how to say "we care/we're here for you" in a meaningful way? I don't want to sound smug or weird, just wish to convey that, as a neighbour (Romanian) I feel for the young girl who will receive the box.

Thank you!
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    Somehow there don't seem to be any similar expressions in Russian, and I presume it's the same case with Ukrainian. The English one too seems to have shifted from its literal meaning "we're always ready to help" to a more abstract, even somewhat cliché letter-closer. I can suggest the following:

    Мы (очень) переживаем/беспокоимся за вас = "We (deeply) feel for you/We're (very) worried about you"

    Hopefully, a Ukrainian speaker can translate this or come up with their own suggestion.


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    "we care/we're here for you"
    Ми турбуємося за вас.
    Ми дбаємо про вас.
    Ми піклуємося про вас.
    Ми побиваємося всім серцем за вас.