Ukranian: all the best for the New Year


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How do you say
'I wish you all the best for the New Year'
in Ukranian????

Answers would be much apreciated!!!!!
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  • Natabka

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    Ukraine (Ukrainian)
    I would say something like:

    'I wish you all the best for the New Year' - "Бажаю тобі/Вам всього найкращого в Новому році!"

    I'm not sure whether "Новий рік" (New Year) should be capitalized in this case, but it is when you are talking about a holiday as such. You should use "ти" (Spanish "tú") if you are familiar with the person and "Ви" (Usted) when in formal situations, with elder people, etc.

    Oh, and when you refer to two and more people, you should use "вам" in all cases (not capitalised).

    P.S. Welcome to the forum, Swotty :)


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    Привіт, Наталко!

    Я з задоволенням тут бачу тебе!

    Мій професор також мені сказала, "вітаю тебе/Вас з Новим роком..."
    Я хочу знати, чи це дієслово добре "вітати", або чи краще "бажати"?

    Дуже дякую! -Матвій


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    Ukraine (Ukrainian)
    Я хочу знати, чи це дієслово добре "вітати", або чи краще "бажати"?

    Hi, Mateo! Nice to hear from you too!
    Well, it depends on what you want to say -
    вітати - to greet
    бажати - to wish

    And both phrases, yours and mine, are usual ways of greeting. You even may combine:
    "Вітаю тебе/Вас з Новим роком! Бажаю всього найкращого!" :)
    " Greet you with the New Year! Wish all the best!"

    P.S. Mateo, your Ukrainian is so good! You must be improving it all the time! Though, I know you like to be perfect, here is a minor correction - if you use "чи...чи", або can be left out (they are almost synonymic). That is: "чи це дієслово добре..., чи краще "бажати".

    P.P.S. Merry Christmas everyone!
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