Ukranian: wordstress/aspect for закликали


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I've found the following sentence in the Ukrainian translation of the book by R. Dawkins 'Outgrowing God', Бог, що віджив своє:

Євреї, які нібито закликали до його смерті, закликали лише до того, що Бог хотів здійснити в будь-якому разі.

My question is: how should the two occurrences of закликали be stressed?
In the original the sentence reads as follows:
The Jews who allegedly called for his death were only calling for what God wanted to happen anyway.

Now, my understanding is that закли́кати/заклика́ти are a perfective/imperfective aspectual pair, and this appears to me to be one of those 'difficult' case for aspectual choice (difficult for me of course). Using the original text as a guide, I'd be led to choose закли́кали/заклика́ли. However, закли́кали/закли́кали also seems possible to me, also because it stresses the repetition in the text. Indeed, the other combinations (заклика́ли/закли́кали, заклика́ли/заклика́ли) seem possible to me, approximately corresponding to the various combiations of 'were calling for / were calling for , called for / were calling for , etc.)
  • As a native speaker I would use either заклика́ли/заклика́ли or закли́кали/заклика́ли. But you are correct that all four combinations are reasonable (thou the other two feel less fitting, but I can't really say why). Maybe if you provide bigger excerpt I would be able to tell more precisely