Um a (a+a) vez


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There's a discussion of this elsewhere and I'm 95% sure that I've got this right, but to be safe...

If my two boys are jumping on me at the same time, can I say 'Um menino a (a+a) vez' or 'Um menino de cada vez'?
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    Hi adorobrasil.
    Um menino de cada vez is quite perfect. The other way I would use is um menino por vez. Um de cada vez or um por vez.


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    If they are jumping at you at the same time, then the phrase is os dois meninos ao mesmo tempo.

    That certainly describes what the kids are doing presently (jumping at their father both at the same time), but what Adoro Brasil is asking, I think, is how to tell them not to do so. I go for "um de cada vez":

    - Um de cada vez, meninos, por favor!!!

    (One at a time, boys, please.)
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