un abbraccio a te

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What would an English equivalent be to "Un abbraccio a te" at the end of an email? To me "a hug for you" doesn't sound right in English?
The full sentence is...
"Un abbraccio a te, spero ti vada tutto alla grande,
At the moment I have written...
"A hug for you, I hope everything is going great for you,
I don't think the a hug for you part sounds right in english but I am struggling to find a good English equivalent. Any ideas?
  • AlabamaBoy

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    American English
    Although it is clear what is meant I don't think it sounds natural in English to end an email in that way.
    Of course not, Italians are more affectionate in their language. We just say things like «Warm regards» «Fond wishes» or the like. :D We only say hugs and kisses to our sweethearts or grandmothers.
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