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Hola a todos,

Is an accent needed in the following sentences?...

1. (como or cómo)....Es un artículo sobre como/cómo podemos aceptar las críticas en el trabajo. (It is an article about how we can accept the criticisms at work.)

2.(quien or quién)...No sabemos a quien/quién elegir. (We don't know who to choose.)

If an accent is needed, is there a rule regarding this particular use when there is no direct question involved?

Gracias por tu respuesta....
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    Yes, it is needed in both cases. "Como" without the accent means "like/as" and "quien" without the accent means "who/which".




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    Without accent, they absolutely need something behind, and you cannot twist the sentence to remove it:

    Como: like you, as you, since you, ...
    Cómo: how. Example: You should accept criticism in your work. Yes, the difficult part is how (and you ommit '...to accept criticism')

    Quien: quien hace, quien quiere, who likes, who wants,...
    Quién: ¡Elige! Pero no sabemos a quién. (unable to find an example in English, sorry)

    Myself, I just pronounce it in my head to see if the word is stressed, which means you can pronounce it by itself. It is the same trick I use for accenting 'éste' (btw, according to RAE you don't have to put an accent on 'éste' anymore), for me it is faster than deciding whether èste' is an adjective or a pronoun, but I don't know if this trick translates for non natives.
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