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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by cchloe, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. cchloe Member

    usa / english
    OK, I understand that "un bacio" is a standard way to end a letter between friends, but if someone says...

    ti mando un grosso bacio...

    does that mean aything more sentimental/meaningful or is this still just an average good-bye?
  2. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    Correct, it's something more than an average good-bye. Can't mean just love, but affectivity.
  3. helen24 New Member

    english- canada
    I notice that some of my italian friends end emails with 'a kiss'. I recieved a letter recently that said "un grande bacio". Could I respond to this with "un bacio anche a te"? Is this just a friendly gesture, or does it have romantic undertones?
    Thanks for your help.
  4. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Spain, Valencia
    You can respond with "un bacio anche a te"!

    It's just a friendly gesture. We kiss a lot in Italy, among friends, too!

    We are "bacioni" meaning we kiss a lot.
  5. sciarada Senior Member

    Milano; Italy
    Italian; Italy
    No romantic undertones!! It is just a way of ending a letter or a conversation! As you say "hugs", we say "un bacio"!
  6. AlexanderBB Member

    Yes, but only cheek to cheek!
  7. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Spain, Valencia
    Yep, that's quite plain! Anche solo un millimetro di lingua e non è più amichevole!
  8. AlexanderBB Member

    Hugs e' una parola che non conoscevo.... fantastico!

    Viene usata solo quando ci si incontra o quando ci si saluta? ...o magari in entrambe le situazioni?

  9. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Spain, Valencia
    I think it is used only in letters and e-mail.
    I don't think it is used arriving in or leaving a place.
  10. AlexanderBB Member

    Scusa se ti rompo.... ma ho incominciato con l'inglese da poco tempo e ovviamento ogni giorno mi imbatto in una marea ti termini nuovi... per esempio il tuo plain... ho visto che ha una smodata quantità di significati..... tranne l'unico che avevo pensato io: OVVIO... che dici, puo' andare?
    I'm going to do another thread for that question.

  11. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Spain, Valencia
    Allora complimenti per il tuo inglese!
    Per obbedire alle regole del forum, ti chiederei di rifare questa domanda su un thread nuovo, visto che si tratta di un argomento nuovo...

    Seconda cosa, attento ad usare termini da chat, che i nostri moderatori sono molto severi, e in quattro e quattro otto, ci ricordano di andare a vedere le regole del forum.

    Attendo il tuo nuovo thread e ti rispondo a razzo.
  12. Larklulu Member

    French and English
    Thanks for this long explanation.:)
  13. michali New Member

    usa english
    I read on this forum that "un bacio" is not romantic at all. If someone writes it...if someone writes un bacio xx is that any different? If not then how would someone write something along those lines if it were from a boyfriend/lover?

  14. kia New Member

    italian italy
    -un bacio
    -tanti baci

    it's the same thing...you can say that..
  15. amorelli Member

    incase you want the difference between kia's replies,

    un bacio - a kiss
    baci - kisses
    tanti baci - many kisses
    bacioni - big kisses
  16. michali New Member

    usa english
    ...thank you for responding...but I am still not clear about the romantic concept. ...if un bacio is a way friends say to other friends in emails how would a lover send a kiss if its not un bacio...
  17. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    I think xx = baci, I agree with Kia, it's not romantic.

    There are many ways to say so in a romantic way but you would most likely get the "romantic affair" from the content of the speach/mail and not from "baci" at the end.

  18. michali New Member

    usa english
    thank you ...but how would you send end an email romantically
  19. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    Using terms of endearment and those terms are usually weird words.

    All the same, they could be very specific and direct.

    Ti amo would often do.
  20. michali New Member

    usa english
    oh you mean any of the baci words are actually weird and not used in the regular Italian language...? Would you say that if the content of the email were romantic then those words do imply romance as well or still weird?
    Thanks...you are great
  21. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    Well, what I mean is that you can end a friendly mail using baci or un bacio or xx and so on.

    You might also end a romantic mail by writing "un bacio" but you would understand that it is a romantic mail from the content and not from the ending "un bacio" ;)

    You are welcome
  22. michali New Member

    usa english
    I hope I am not bothering you but ....what about ciao ciao bambina...is that ever friendly? because I read that is a definite no no for non romantic friends.

  23. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    I have the impression that trying to judge if a mail is romantic or not from the last sentence is like saying that a song is bad or beautiful only listening to the last note.

    That might be me, of course, but if i read
    "Cioa Ciao bambina" as last sentence of an e-mail
    I couldn't say... "aaarrrgghh, another romantic mail"...
    It could be a joke, a personal signature and so on.
  24. Leibe Member

    Manchester, England
    English - Africa
    I received an e-mail that closed with "un baccio". Do you think he might have meant "un bacio"? Does this greeting suggest intimacy - or is it the kind of thing people regularly say?
  25. Lorenzo Italiae Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    No! it may be a typo! He surely means "un bacio".
    No reason to say "baccio", as it doesn't exist.
    Maybe it is just more "onomatopeic"
  26. Siberia

    Siberia Senior Member

    UK-Wales - English
    Hi Liebe,
    it's just like saying hugs and kisses so not necessarily intimate.
  27. Leibe Member

    Manchester, England
    English - Africa
    Thanks Sib and Lorenzo
  28. VolaVer

    VolaVer Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Yeah, it's definitely "A kiss", and can be replaced by "X" close to one's signature. =)
  29. motorhead Senior Member

    Yes, one my UK ex-girlfriends always ended her sms with xxx. What's the origin of this X or xxxx?
  30. Lorenzo Italiae Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    It is just like an ideogram, like those Chinese ones:
    o stands for two lips in the action of kissing
    x stands for two arms hugging you
    Quite funny isn't it?
  31. VolaVer

    VolaVer Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Definitely funny also because your explanation doesn't match the actual use of those signs-> "x" stands for "kiss" and "o" for "hug".

  32. gabrigabri

    gabrigabri Senior Member

    Italian, Italy (Torino)
    Penso che kisskisskiss pronunciato velocemente ricordi appunto delle x.
  33. VolaVer

    VolaVer Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    Yes, and a round shape can recall a warm embrace.

  34. NoelleDeWinter New Member

    I have a random question... but is if a guy signs off and says Ti Bacio, should I read that as a friendly greeting or more than just friends? I believe it means I kiss you, right?
  35. VolaVer

    VolaVer Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    I would personally take it as just friendly. It's like saying: "Kisses".
  36. NoelleDeWinter New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I feel a lot better. :) You don't know how much better I feel at the moment. Sometimes the language gap can be so confusing...
  37. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
  38. luetin New Member

    If you are chatting with someone and he says goodbye with "un bacio...dolce!" does it have romantic undertones or is it just a friendly gesture?
  39. Zazee Member

    Milan, Italy
    Well, the fact that he takes the trouble to clarify that his kiss is "sweet" reveals that he feels involvement and affection for you; whether this happens because romantic feelings are growing inside him or just because he's a caring and warm friend, it's up to you to understand! :)

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