un bagnetto insieme


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Hi all,

An italian friend is coming for a weekend to a place near where I live soon, and wrote this in her letter:

"..non è male no se ci facciamo un bagnetto insieme o una serata!"

This has me stumped - surely it's a saying and doesn't mean what it literally says?! (We've always been purely friends and nothing more...)

Any help gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,
  • dokdee

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    Hi - thanks for your reply...
    Yeah I do!
    Is it to do with swimming then do you think?
    I almost got the wrong idea :)


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    Did you use to swim together? Or one of you two has a swimming pool?
    If the answers are both no I'm afraid there is something strange.


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    But then she/he adds "o una serata", "or an evening out", as an alternative to bathing ...
    Is this reassuring? :)